Why Hire a PHP Programmer?

With increase in the user expectation, world of web has seen huge advancements in what a browser can offer. It is a window to the online world and importance of the same can be established by simply looking at the cutthroat competition in the related field.

A browser offers multiple capabilities, wherein you could run web apps like you run software on your computer. However, to take the advantage of all these capabilities and help your business in turn, you need to Hire a PHP Programmer.

Hire PHP Programmer

Find reasons to hire a PHP Programmer

Why PHP?

  • It is Current and Happening: PHP language is the fastest growing scripting language for the web.
  • It is Free: No hidden cost is associated with it. You can easily use it for commercial application without getting worried about licensing fees
  • It is Open Source: You could develop, modify and distribute, as you like. No need to worry about lawsuits being filed
  • It has Frameworks, Lots of Them: Framework is the fastest way to develop, test and maintain a website. Going for PHP as your language of choice, gives you a dozens of PHP frameworks to use.

Why PHP Programmer?

Developing a good PHP application requires expertise and programmer can be your answer to all the issues. Any PHP website follows a development life cycle and in order to maintain that cycle, you need experience of a professional web developer.

Web Development Cycle

The cycle composes of five different stages including analysis, specification development, design, testing and maintenance. Here is a look at each stage in detail.


At this stage, you need to examine few critical points including

  • Why you need a web application?
  • Who are your audience?
  • What features you want to offer?
  • What technologies you need to develop those features?

A PHP programmer will help you to not only identify the technological needs for your features but also suggest better and cheaper ways to achieve them. Good planning is necessary. It will help save lots of time later in the project. Hiring a PHP developer would ensure that you have the right guidance from the beginning itself.

Specification Development

A PHP developer will help to create exact specifications for your project. You do need specific and to the point description for each step and having technical support for the same can be of great help.

A correct specification document with roadmap will ensure a smoother road ahead.

Design and Development

At this point, the job of the developer is to create the exact product according to your vision. The experience of a Senior PHP developer comes in handy at this point.


Design and development is an important aspect of web application creation: however, there are other things as well, that needs be considered. Testing for bugs and providing a great experience to the user is also necessary. Your PHP developer would not only understand the technical side of a glitch but would also come out with a solution in no time.

Maintenance and Update

When you run a web application for some time, you are bound to get lots of suggestions and feedbacks. To remain relevant and current, you need to go through the feedbacks and suggestions and try to include features requested by the users. There again your developer will help you to come out with results in no time.

Therefore, in the whole lifecycle of web application development, hiring a PHP developer provides great value. It would give you expertise, knowledge and confidence to take to project to completion and reap in the related rewards.